Add Definedge Solutions subscription to Definedge Securities

You can add your running subscription of Definedge Solution products TradePoint Desktop, Opstra and TradePoint web to Definedge Securities pro products.

TradePoint Desktop subscription will be added to TradePoint Desktop Pro terminal, Opstra subscription will be added to Opstra trading terminal, and TradePoint Web subscription will be added to Rzone.

Please note:

  • Your subscription at Definedge solutions as well as Definedge securities product will remain active till the validity of current license period.

  • Not only that, points equal to remaining period of current subscription calculated on pro rate basis will be added to the wallet of Definedge securities. Points in the wallet on Definedge securities will be adjusted against your trading brokerage.

  • Please login using your credentials of Definedge solutions to add the license

  • For adding the license, you need to have a demat account with Definedge securities. You will need to mention UCC to which subscriptions and wallet benefits are to be assigned.

  • Once you have added the license, the same license cannot be added again to same or any other account.

  • The license added cannot be undone.

  • For any queries, please call customer care at Definedge securities or write us at